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Medical Carts

     Preciso Medical Supply Carts

Preciso Medical Supply carts are custom configured exactly to your patient care needs, with a wide variery of drawer and color choices. Carts interface perfectly with Preciso Logistic Supply Carts. Exchange empty drawers, bins and trays with full ones from Logistic Supply Carts

     Preciso Logistic Supply Centers

Spend more time with patients and reduce the number of back-and-forth trips to Central Supply while organizing your area. Visually manage your inventory and simplify replenishment to identify and eliminate waste. Logistic Supply Centers are fully mobile allowing resupply at point of service.

     Emergency Carts


Available in Classic and Preferred styles in numerous drawer configurations.

     Anesthesia Carts 🎥


Preferred or Classic styles, with convenient and useful accessories.

     Isolation Carts

Classic style in a variety of sizes and drawer configurations. 

Locking Options

     Specialty Carts

Our variety of specialty storage carts for Malignant Hyperthermia, Suture storage, Scope Holder Carts, Pediatric Workstation, Unit Dose Medication Cassette Cart and Pill Card storage cart, Mini Carts and Towers, and wide carts. Specialty carts are available in all 15 colors with 6 locking options.

     Narcotics Cabinets

Lakeside has a variety of cabinet designs and locking features to address your space and storage requirements

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