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Our variety of specialty storage carts for Malignant Hyperthermia, Suture storage, Scope Holder Carts, Pediatric Workstation, Unit Dose Medication Cassette Cart and Pill Card storage cart, Mini Carts and Towers, and wide carts. Specialty carts are available in all 15 colors with 6 locking options.

     Hyperthermia, Pedriatric

Hyperthermia Cart features refrigeration; Pediatric Cart has 9 drawers


Several drawer configurations and a cassette model.

     Mini Carts & Towers

Mini Carts and Towers resolve space limitation issues with a slimmer profile and compact design. All are available with dual wall steel construction.

     Super Saver

This line of economically designed carts is perfect for the cost-conscious, budget-driven healthcare facility. Available in 6 different configurations, varying in size, drawer configuration and caster type, Lakeside's Super Saver Carts give you a low cost option to the full size standard cart selections.

     Suture/Expanded Storage

Expanded storage includes scope holders and suture cabinet.

     Wide Carts

Our wide carts are best when you need to maximize your storage capabilities. The wide carts are built out of aluminum to reduce weight for heavy loads.

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