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Medical Wire Carts

     Sterile Wrap Racks

  Adjustable Hang bars keep sterile wraps separated and easily accessible. Bottom wire shelf allows for additional product to be stored and readily available. 5” casters for easy mobility.

     Catheter Procedure Carts

Catheter Procedure Carts are available in flat shelf or bar and hook versions. Bar models include 21 catheter hooks to hold all styles of and sizes of catheter packages. Hooks are easily adjustable for multiple configurations. Flat shelf models include adjustable shelves and color coded plastic bins with markers for easy identification and overall organization. Ideal for central supply, OR, ER and other area of the healthcare facility.

     Slanted Shelf Suture Carts

Slanted Shelf Suture Carts feature four adjustable gravity-feed design shelves for easy visibility and accessibility of product. Includes four adjustable slanted wire shelves, eight chrome dividers for convenient organization and one flat top shelf.  5” casters provide easy mobility of inventory.  Choice of four different shelf sizes and two heights.

     Bin Stacker Carts

Bin Stacker Carts provide safe and convenient transport and storage. Available in three heights featuring height-adjustable channel slides to accommodate plastic bins. Bins are included, and are available in red, blue and gray.


Shelf Bins are durable and efficient. Available in industrial-grade polymer or 100% recycled material.

     Wire Basket Cart

Sturdy chrome plated steel 'X-frame' design, perfect for transport of a variety of supplies. Accepts models 4652 and 4653 wire baskets. Basket supports are coated to prevent transport noise.

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